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Medinat Habu

Medinat Habu

Grandiose and gracefully proportioned, set apart from the majority of the other West Bank buildings, Medinat Habu is second in size only to the Great Temple at Karnak. Ramses III admired and imitated his ancestor Ramses II’s style of building, and like him was an aggressively successful military leader. Statues of the lionheaded Sekhmet, fierce goddess of revenge. The first pylon and inner court graphically depict the pharaoh’s victories over the Libyans and Phoenicians. The complex was added by later rulers, and the decoration of the second court - dedicated to religious matters and later made into a church - creates a very different mood. Remnants of its original mud-brick enclosure wall are interspersed with the ruins of Jeme, the Coptic town inhabited for centuries and.


Eatabe Luxor Hotel

The distance between Eatabe Luxor Hotel and Medinet Habu : 4.5 km / 2.8 mi