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Why visit a museum in Luxor, you may ask, when the entire town can be thought of as an open-air museum with antiquities and treasures lying almost everywhere you look? The answer is that every item in this small, permanent exhibit is a priceless masterpiece, lit and displayed to perfection. Here you’ll find key discoveries from decades of excavations, the space and quiet to enjoy them, and the descriptions to understand them. Located on the corniche about half way between the Karnak and Luxor Temples, the museum can be an ideal break on a journey between the two.

One of the recurrent themes in temple art is the Pharaoh in his chariot, with arms extended, his bow and arrow drawn. In the Luxor Museum you’ll see the bows and arrows and a perfectly intact chariot, its leatherbound wheels and wooden yoke looking as ready as ever for a pair of feisty steeds. On a softly illuminated platform in a darkened room lies the mummy of an unknown Pharaoh, whose strange fate was to travel to Canada in the luggage of a 19th century tourist as a souvenir, and is now reunited with his ancestral home.


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